Paper Flora & Wind Chimes

Start Date
4 Jul 2022 12:30
End Date
4 Jul 2022 15:30
Parkhouse Centre
EX23 8LD

A Winning Steps South West Arts & Crafts Session

Hosted by Lyn Edwards and Maddy Meaden!

ARTSEMBLE  is a programme setting up Arts & Crafts sessions throughout East Cornwall to bring together local communities. We aim to bring hefty doses of joy, laughter and creativity while offering a calm, relaxing atmosphere to veterans, students, people with mental health issues and their carers.

If you're interested in joining in, please contact Sue Johns on 01579 384798, or email [email protected]

This activity is provided for members of the local community.

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Aug 31, 2022 | By Adam TST


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May 25, 2022 | By Adam TST


Hosted by Mark Fielding!ARTSEMBLE  is a programme setting up Arts & Crafts sessions thr... Read Article : Portraits
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Though we are primarily an education setting, we often host events that you may sign up to! These events include Arts & Crafts, Open Studios, Cooking and more, so keep your eyes out for updates in our upcoming events page!

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