Find support available in your local area

Our organisation prides itself on helping those in need within the local community. We boast a beautiful 124-acre green space beside the River Lynher in the hills of East Cornwall, and a group of staff with a wide range of skills. With that, we've created a calming, positive environment that man will find beneficial.

If you or somebody you know suffers from loneliness, isolation or a mental health affliction, we may be able to help. Otherwise, there are many local organisations dedicated to helping with such issues. This page compiles a list of those local businesses, and we welcome you to seek out the organisation that best suits your needs.

Getting Involved

Though we are primarily an education setting, we often host events that you may sign up to! These events include Arts & Crafts, Open Studios, Cooking and more, so keep your eyes out for updates in our upcoming events page!

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